Suppliers selection criteria

For all these reasons, we are delighted to work with producers who:

  1. Live and work in line with family values similar to the ours
  2. Honor their work and their business inherited from their ancestors in an effort to make it prosper in their hands and to continue in the hands of their children
  3. Make tasty and high quality products using traditional technologies
  4. Prefer long and prosperous partnership in which step by step, bit by bit a solid business is forged instead of a quick but fleeting profit
  5. Respect the opinion of their consumers and are willing to adapt to the new trends, even if it requires some modification of the product or the package, provided that the adjustments do not affect adversely the products quality.
  6. Aspire to grow as a team, to open new horizons, to expand their business to international markets and for that purpose are willing to meet the requirements of the foreign markets, to certify their products or to standardize their documentation.