Sometimes it seems that the values have nothing to do with practical, immediate, simply utilitarian things. They are falsely perceived as things that have nothing to do with our world full of imperfections. But it’s not true. The values give us solutions to the most immediate problems of our everyday life.

We often fail to see the way to get what we want. Or we do not know how to walk it in the best possible way, both for ourselves and for those around us. In these moments of uncertainly, the values guide us through the territories we have not explored on Earth and for the rest of the time we have in the world.

We are a family business that primarily appreciates and is governed by principles of:

  • trust and security
  • honesty and reliability
  • love and mutual understanding
  • knowing how to appreciate the others opinion and time
  1. - For some reason it has been established that Spanish farmers up to now, and to our dismay, have been forced to sell off their products cheap in bulk to Italy or other places where, after being slightly processed, nicely packed and, above all, thanks to well-designed advertising campaigns, these product made from Spanish raw material have been resold as if they were Italian or French products. Hence, Spanish farmers failed to take the privileged place they should have had in the international market. We intend to change this trend, to defend Spanish brands and put them on the top.

Our main differences are:

  1. We work directly with SPANISH producers in order to:

- get the lowest price

- be able to adapt to new trends and tastes of our customers

- guarantee the quality and origin of the products

  1. From our experience of over 15 years in the Eastern Europe market, we know the tastes better than anyone and we intend to give the consumers an ability to find products according to their needs; we know how to adapt without losing their authenticity.
  2. We open our own stores to offer the freshest products of Spanish origin. We do not work with unripe fruit and vegetables which, after staying in back rooms to acquire a ripe color, lose their useful properties and flavor. On the contrary, our products are harvested in the proper time and are distributed as quickly as possible among our stores.
  3. We work with producers accredited for:

- cultivation and manufacture of organic and BIO products

- cultivation and manufacture of gluten-free products

- cultivation and manufacture of health and anti-allergic products

  1. We always move forward in our quest and recycling of ideas, willing to expand our products range in line with current demand.

Quality of life. What is it? How is it measured? Considering different parameters, one can determine whether a person lives with dignity and not only survives or exists. In this sense I wonder: what aspects do we consider necessary to assess the ability of a human being to deal with life? Some of them are income, education, health, culture and of course, food. But none of this has sense if you do not have family who support you in the good and the bad, who do not betray you, who appreciate and love you and vice versa.

We apply the same principles in our business. For us, the quality is more important than the quantity. No doubt that today, with the abundance of products, consumers seek good, tasty, anti-allergic food. And there is no better way to prove that than to provide them the opportunity to try everything.  For this purpose we open small food function stores where we help find out the endless combinations of flavors and multiple dining options of the traditional Spanish cuisine and of the innovative trends.

Of course, many countries have lots of family farms. But the weather, location and geographical extent, the cultural customs of Spain have favored the preservation of original culture methods which allow obtaining rich and healthy products in a natural way. For many Spanish farmers, their land is their life; each seed is their child who must be cared for and pampered in order not to lose it.

It is true that the Spanish are quite conservative, but precisely these traditions have prevented that modern technologies, aggressive farming techniques with the use of GMO’s, pesticides etc. invaded the entire food industry. In Spain there are many artisan producers who proudly use the family crest on their products. The result of their work is an honor for them.

And it’s no coincidence that many Spanish products are considered masterpieces in the field of food, such as

1.​ Ham

1.​ Wine

1.​ Oil and Olives

1.​ Cheese

Welcome to the Spanish cuisine!