Today is the market day. The square is a continuous party. Everyone’s invited. All is focused on this navel of the world. Almost makes you want to laugh. Suddenly, the imagination brings you back to the childhood. The fruiterer puts vegetables in the cart, the dairywoman brings fresh milk, the baker takes buns from the oven… I can not help thinking of what we are losing. I am eating a grape berry on the market and its violet sweetness is spreading through my mouth. It even smells purple. I wish I could stay longer in this illusion, but the church bell reminds me of the time: “din, dan, don”, — the bell tolls instead of a dry “din, don”. I wish I could stay here!
Handmade products! Almost forgotten trades… However, there are those who keep the tradition making their products. A craftsman has his craft in his soul; it was passed from father to son for centuries, he fusses over every detail. Often the family crest is depicted proudly on their products, and a true creator defends the quality with the name and honor of his ancestors.
There is no doubt that globalization and monopolization in food and agriculture areas lead to loss of quality. Yes, today you can find or get anything anywhere in the world. And Russia is no exception. But supermarkets sell products manufactured on a massive scale: anonymous, faceless and heartless products. Of course, anonymous products existed in the Soviet Union. Many people still remember stores that were called simply ‘Bread’ or ‘Milk’ or ‘Grocery’. But there is no doubt that a product ‘without an author’ has no comparison with a product in which one not only invested his work and time, but his soul as well.